Research findings have shown that making the office environment conducive for employees, triggers immense productivity. Every employee wants to feel great about going to the office every single day. In this regard, there are many things that companies can do to boost the office space. Even small things can go a long way to make a world of difference. In so doing, employers will get the very best results from their workers. Many times, demanding more from an under-motivated staff will not yield much.


Below is a look at the top 5 things most employees will love in the office.

1. Inspiring office decor and design

Some offices are dull with no apparent effort to have any decor or esthetic design. Spending a lot of time in a space that does not inspire you will compromise creativity and boost monotony. To this end, every office space should have inspiring elements therein. This does not have to be an expensive undertaking. Simple wall art and color can make a world of difference. Having a nice window for fresh air is also great. A design that allows for seamless workflow will also do. A themed painting or a floral photograph in an office changes the mood completely and can help improve their work day.

2. Tasteful and comfortable office chair

Many employees sit in the office for many hours. Having a chair that is not comfortable is detrimental. A company must invest not just in comfort but in style as well. When considering chairs, the Herman Miller office chair is a good example of a stylish piece that does not compromise on comfort. Thankfully, the chair does not have to cost an arm, simply take advantage of a Herman Miller promo code and get a good discount. Your employees will love you for it.

3. Effective organizing tools

From business cards to office supplies and electronics, a cluttered office does nothing to motivate an employee. Every office should therefore invest in amenities and tools that help organize effectively. Many of these organizers are simple tools and equipment that will not cost much. A spacious de-cluttered office provides room for people to breath. This goes a very long way in making employees feel relaxed and ready for work.

4. Proper office utilities

There are offices where office equipment and electronics have seen better days. In fact, some offices do not provide for reliable Internet connections. In other cases, the carpets could be worn out and poorly maintained. All these components can undermine the productivity of the office. Employees will feel discouraged for not having the proper utilities in place to facilitate their jobs. A functioning office is where every utility and equipment is in top shape to offer the desired service.

5. Occasional treats and perks

We all love great surprises and treats. At the office, getting some free lunch or dinner sends out a very positive message to employees. Small office gifts to employees also denote gratitude. It is human to have diminished morale in the office. These little perks and even trips to recreational facilities are able to jump-start the working mood for more productivity.

5 Things Employees Love in the Office