Cheap holiday accomodation in Malta

For the most part, Malta Holiday Retreats are fun, luxurious and exciting. However, you may be wondering whether holiday rentals are a great idea. After all most people still have fun in hotels. Where you stay during your holiday will make a huge difference. In fact, your entire experiences will be centered on where you stay during your holiday. Booking villas to rent in Malta, especially if you are traveling in groups has numerous advantages. Here are several reasons you might want to consider rentals over hotels for your vacation visits to Malta.


The first thing that will impress you about rentals is the fact that they are much larger than hotel rooms. Usually, rentals include five or more rooms. They also come with a fully equipped kitchen. If you are traveling with family and friends, you will find that rentals offer you much more freedom and luxury. They are spacious enough to afford everyone some privacy yet they still allow you to feel like you are home.


With rentals, you pay rents on a weekly basis, unlike hotels that are paid for per day.  They also have lower running expenses and other overheads. Considering the space and the amenities you get from each rental, considering the price per person also makes it even cheaper than using a hotel

As part of its cost saving advantage, rentals also have a fully equipped kitchen. If you have traveled for a while them you know eating out as a tourist can get very expensive. In rentals, you can cook your own meals. When you can’t, the staff will make great meals for you at a price smaller than that you would have paid to eat out. They are perfect for families with small kids as eating out regularly can be costly for people with smaller children. Children also have sensitive stomachs and may be affected by foreign delicacies.

More freedom

Hotels have one main disadvantage, you can only eat what’s on the menu, most hotels will book your flights and the maids will keep knocking at any hour to clean the room. While staff at rentals would be happy to do all that for you, it is not mandatory. You also have the freedom to choose what you want to eat and when you want to eat. With freedom, you can shop around for the best deals, the best flight time for you and the comfort you want.


You see perfect in Malta

Villas Offer Privacy

If you are out on holiday in Malta, you want to relax and do things at your own pace. That is why a Villa rental offers more privacy than a hotel, hostel or guest house.  During certain seasons of the year when tourists are crowded, you will have to scramble to get the best sun lounge. You will also have to share the pool with others. With rentals, you have a lot of privacy. Most come with their own private pool. Therefore, the only people you will be sharing with are the people that you will be staying with. You can also sleep all day without being disturbed by the maids or noisy guests passing by your door.

Final thought

Luxury Villas Malta have been a pioneer in the letting industry in Malta. Relying on a reliable service such as theirs will let you sleep well at night 🙂