America21 brings ‘Inclusive Competitiveness’ to Detroit

Johnathan Holifield, Chief Strategist, Evangelist and Co-founder of The America21 Project spoke to a gathering of leaders at Global Detroit on May 10, underscoring the importance of “Inclusive Competitiveness” as a core policy through which regional competitiveness will be achieved in the 21st century global innovation economy.


Holifield is a highly sought-after Cleveland-based attorney, consultant, speaker and former NFL player who emerged as a visionary economic voice at the turn of the century. His economic outlook, policy recommendations, innovative strategies and unparalleled achievements among 21st century Black leadership has helped propel America21 onto the national landscape as an authoritative voice on urban innovation and economic inclusion.

Johnathan Holifield’s approach to one of the most pervasive and pernicious challenges facing the community of color is absolutely on point. His America21 project defines the problem clearly and precisely while offering a new way of looking at the solution — Inclusive Competitiveness — putting the right people on the playing field to take advantage of economic opportunities to be had. We need this!

Keith W. Cooley, CEO
Principia, LLC
Former Director, Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth

* * *

I recently attended a presentation by Johnathon Holifield on building inclusive competitiveness in Metro Detroit, and for me, two things stood out the most. The impressive growth without the lack of impact that Black and Hispanic businesses have had on the economy was eye opening; and his messages on the potential of the innovation economy and the need for inclusive competitiveness were very powerful and timely.

I do believe that Johnathon’s presentation helped many of our decision makers think very differently on how Detroit can begin to solve some of its problems and my hope is that our community’s decision makers will act on Johnathon’s ideas.

Raymond Lozano
Racial Justice and Cultural Collaboration
New Detroit

* * *

America 21 offers a pathway to disrupt the legacy wealth divide that has plagued American history.  It offers a pathway that unleashes the competitive and creative forces of all segments of the American economy.  And it offers a pathway that, if followed, might be the single most important means to securing American prosperity through the next century.

There are no magic potions or voodoo economics, but with a concerted commitment and hard-work, America 21 offers our country a future that grows the success of the new economy to all sectors of American society.  This is a truly inspiring and important message and work.

Steve Tobocman
Former House Majority Floor Leader, Michigan House of Representatives
Director, Global Detroit

* * *

The topic of Black America and economic prosperity has long been a difficult one to facilitate. Johnathan’s presentation created an outstanding framework of information, and set the stage for a healthy discussion and new action.

Faris Alami
Talent Champion

* * *

Holifield bridges the communications gap between stagnant 20th century economics and the language and successful policies of the fast-paced, knowledge-based, tech-driven 21st century global innovation economy.

Included below is the powerpoint presentation Holifield presented to the leadership at Global Detroit.


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