Startups, how do you raise $1M in seed funding?

So, you have a good idea.
No, you have a great idea, right?

You’ve built your product, received positive feedback from customers, gained a little traction in the market, and you need to raise money to scale your startup operation.

What is it going to take to get the seed capital you need?
Time? How much time?
Emails? Phone calls? Meetings? Presentations?
Connections. How many intros?
Traction. How much?
Reputation. How do you get that?

Start-ups have a tough time getting funds from banks especially because they have nothing to show. They are not successful yet and have no asset accept a lot of ideas and enthusiasm. So for banks its too risky

And that’s where the angel investor comes in. For a piece of the company, say 40 or 60{928c85752646c6a6cf44de6296da1fc84366f7ed273fddbf97ca7349fcf1a432} the angel investor invests a sum of money which goes into marketing the product or service and putting the product or services ready for the consumers to purchase

We are going to bring you more information about this top soon.

So today I met a guy who had this big, huge ambition, a business plan that no commercial bank wanted to finance. The business was that of setting up an SEO and website design agency.  What he did was partnering up with other web designers and created a boutique franchise web design all over the united states. In 2 years he has more than 29 agencies across the country. That goes to show that you should never give up on your dream. Communication skills are what have brought him good deals and how he lands clients every single day.

Seed funding is also common practise among property developers and luxury holiday villa accommodation.

Property funds are keeping investors happy by cutting costs and transfering some of their portfolio into holiday accomodation which offers a very good ROI and recurring income. At this stage, Bloomberg news have reported an increase in property investments in europe (the largest happening in Malta) of about 12{928c85752646c6a6cf44de6296da1fc84366f7ed273fddbf97ca7349fcf1a432} year on year. No other investment can offer such a high yield.



Raise $1M in seed funding
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