The America21 Project: Investing in Urban Innovation

By Mike Green The Black Innovation and Competitiveness Initiative is changing it’s name (not vision and mission)  to become The America21 Project. We need your support. And we’re asking you to make some choices. Choose to pass on this blog post to others in your networks. Choose to support our mission with a financial contribution. Choose to support us by sponsoring our upcoming Black Angels and Entrepreneurs Forum with the Center for... Read More

U.S. Innovation and Competiveness Strategy: ‘All Hands On Deck’

Okay, I’ve never been shy about contributing my ideas on myriad social, educational and economic matters, through written public commentary, in appearances before legislative bodies, during one-on-one or community roundtable discussions or even in town hall-style settings. In fact, I have to say that throughout my life and career, I’ve been close to fearless when it comes to expressing my ideas on these topics. In the countless instances where... Read More

Q&A: Funding Inequities negatively impact Minorities & Women in Science

Science Magazine: A new report finds that black biomedical scientists are 10 percentage points less likely to receive research funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). And earlier this month, a government study found that women scientists in the United States earn about 12% less than men and represent a mere 24% of the workforce in the science, technology, engineering, and math fields. Dr. Chad Womack The BICI is pleased to present... Read More

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