Inclusive Competitiveness: America’s 21st Century Economic Vision

Inclusive Competitiveness: America’s 21st Century Economic Vision By Mike Green Sept. 27, 2013 Inclusive Competitiveness is a national economic imperative that policymakers nationwide should consider as their highest investment priority and America’s 21st Century Economic Vision. Johnathan Holifield, Esq. is the “Father of Inclusive Competitiveness,” an economic philosophy and framework rapidly gaining traction as the nation’s... Read More

Inclusive Competitiveness: America’s 21st century economic blueprint

Inclusive Competitiveness: America’s 21st Century Economic Blueprint By Mike Green Inclusive Competitiveness is the No. 1 economic concern of the American people. The Census is predicting a mid-century shift in the racial demographics of the nation that will result in a non-white majority of the population. This demographic shift has significant political and economic ramifications. The Republican and Democratic Parties are both gearing up now... Read More

ICIC Asks the Expert: America21 Co-Founder Johnathan Holifield, VP of Inclusive Competitiveness at Nortech

In this Ask the Expert Q&A, Johnathan Holifield, Esq., co-founder of The America 21 Project and Vice President of Inclusive Competitiveness for NorTech, explains why it is imperative to include minorities in the Innovation Economy.   This approach to inclusion is similar to ICIC’s (Initiative for a Competitive Inner City) regional equity work — which advocates for regional approaches that deliberately include strategies for inner... Read More

America21 Responds: Minorities Missing in Tech Fields

A new study produced by local urban think tank Policy Bridge says there is a growing threat to regional competitiveness in Northeast Ohio:   The dearth of blacks and Hispanics in emerging technology businesses.   On the next Sound of Ideas, we’ll talk about regional efforts to fix that, concentrating on entrepreneurship, engagement, employment and education. (see video below) Guests: * Gregory L. Brown, executive director, Policy... Read More

America21’s Mike Green featured in Oregon Business Mag

In the past decade, much of the new wealth creation and job growth in the United States has occurred in the startup technology sectors. “But those types of innovations and market disruptions are not happening across black America,” says Green, who is also a part-time blogger. The reasons “are systemic, historical and institutional, and someone has to address it.” Programs that try to alleviate the economic inequities plaguing African-American... Read More

Former NFL Player Sees Competitive Role for Black Press

INCLUDED BELOW ARTICLE: July 5, 2012 Ideastream interview with Johnathan Holifield on the “new economy” and the lack of significant minority participation. Interview based on PolicyBridge’s new report on the economy in Northeast Ohio, “Fusion of Inclusion.” * * * Former NFL Player Sees Competitive Role for Black Press   Johnathan Holifield may no longer be taking hand-offs for the Cincinnati Bengals but this retired... Read More

Can collaboration cause catalytic economic change?

What are the possibilities of collaboration?   What problems can be successfully addressed?   What economic challenges can be overcome?   What would happen if economically disconnected peoples in America collaborated (individuals, education institutions and businesses) to develop entrepreneurial infrastructures that served as a foundation upon which new ideas were cultivated and grown into success stories?   Would you support... Read More

Minority Biomedical Entrepreneurship Conference a Big Success for America21, BioEnterprise!

The first Minority Biomedical Entrepreneurship Conference (MBEC) exceeded all expectations. The culmination of collaborative efforts between The America21 Project and BioEnterprise turned out to be a remarkable two days of sharing information, engaging in important discussions and establishing key network connections that may prove to be a historic catalyst in furthering inclusive opportunities for minority entrepreneurs in the biomedical space. MBEC... Read More

America21 brings ‘Inclusive Competitiveness’ to Detroit

Johnathan Holifield, Chief Strategist, Evangelist and Co-founder of The America21 Project spoke to a gathering of leaders at Global Detroit on May 10, underscoring the importance of “Inclusive Competitiveness” as a core policy through which regional competitiveness will be achieved in the 21st century global innovation economy.   Holifield is a highly sought-after Cleveland-based attorney, consultant, speaker and former NFL player... Read More

The America21 Project: Investing in Urban Innovation

By Mike Green The Black Innovation and Competitiveness Initiative is changing it’s name (not vision and mission)  to become The America21 Project. We need your support. And we’re asking you to make some choices. Choose to pass on this blog post to others in your networks. Choose to support our mission with a financial contribution. Choose to support us by sponsoring our upcoming Black Angels and Entrepreneurs Forum with the Center for... Read More

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