Inclusive Competitiveness: A Bipartisan Economic Movement for 2016

Inclusive Competitiveness: A Bipartisan Economic Movement for 2016 By Mike Green July 3, 2014 When it comes to presidential election issues, Americans are fairly consistent. The economy is one of the top concerns of voters across the board. So, when 250 of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful policymakers gathered recently to discuss how to transform the current system of capitalism in America you might’ve expected the entire nation to holds... Read More

NoAppFee: Re-inventing Renting for the 21st Century Real Estate Industry

NoAppFee: Re-inventing Renting for the 21st Century Real Estate Industry By Mike Green Dec. 29, 2013 Is 2014 the year for a disruption in the real estate market? Perhaps. A technology solution to a long-standing problem in the real estate industry may be on its way.     NoAppFee (No Application Fee) is the brainchild of Tyrone Poole, the founder and CEO of an innovative online platform that seeks to eliminate the biggest cost renters incur... Read More

March on Washington Misses Huge Opportunity

By Mike Green The March on Washington missed a huge opportunity to catalyze a 21st century movement on economic inclusion. Al Sharpton gave the keynote address on Aug. 24, during the 50-year commemoration of the 1963 March on Washington. His leadership, along with Civil Rights era icons, Rev. Jesse Jackson and Congressman John Lewis and so many others, is much appreciated. The work of the supporters of the Civil Rights Movement, from known heroes... Read More

Ohio Declares STEM Education, Entrepreneurship Economic Cornerstones

Ohio Declares STEM Education, Entrepreneurship Economic Cornerstones COLUMBUS - April 17, 2013 – State Representatives Marlene Anielski (R-Independence) and Mike Dovilla (R-Berea) announced the acceptance of their amendment to promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education in Ohio. “Innovation and entrepreneurship are cornerstones of Ohio’s economy,” said Dovilla.  “Increasing our investment... Read More

Saving America’s Black Boys Launches at SXSWedu

Saving America’s Black Boys Launches at SXSWedu By Mike Green Feb. 27, 2013 South by Southwest (SXSW) is a massive conference where collaboration is king, and big ideas emerge. It is the innovation and technology platform where Twitter and Foursquare were launched. Starting in early March, more than 3,000 reporters from around the globe will descend upon Austin, Texas, America’s fastest growing city and one of the nation’s major hubs of... Read More

America21 invited to White House ‘Tech Inclusion’ Roundtable

America21 co-founder Chad Womack, Ph.D., will attend the invitation-only “Tech Inclusion” Roundtable hosted by the White House Office of Public Engagement and Office of Science and Technology Policy(OSTP) on August 21, 2012 in Washington D.C. at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. The Tech Inclusion Roundtable is a discussion of the issues that impact the capacity for all youth to have opportunities to participate in the technology... Read More

‘SMASH’ing Silicon Valley’s Biases

In 2003, Freada and Mitch Kapor attended a fundraiser at the Phillips Academy in Andover, MA, for (MS)2, a program that brought 100 disadvantaged African American, Latino, and Native American students from select public schools across the U.S. to the highly elite prep school for the summer. The program, which had changed the lives of hundreds of children, showed the students what they could achieve if they worked hard. Given the program’s results,... Read More

Mike Green to deliver keynote at Tabor 100 Business Gala

On Sept. 15 the Titans of tech in the Pacific Northwest will participate in an annual gathering of minority and majority business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, educators and elected leaders who will assemble to support Tabor 100. The Washington State convention Center in Seattle is the venue for this incredible demonstration of collaborative support. Tabor 100 is an association of entrepreneurs and business advocates who are committed to economic... Read More

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Report 2011

“To create such energy for making positive changes, societies must consider that entrepreneurship is not a heroic act of a few individuals, but the accomplishments of many people who pursue their ambitions in a supportive cultural and institutional environment.” Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2011 (slide deck) Share this:  Read More

High-growth Entrepreneurs Set Pace for Revenue, Job Growth

High-Growth Entrepreneurs Setting Pace for Revenue Growth and Job Creation Says Ernst & Young LLP Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® finalists employ close to 700,000 and generate more than $165 billion in revenue.   Editor’s note: By comparison, 1.9 million Black-owned businesses produced $137.5B in revenue in 2007 (before the economic collapse). 1.8 million of those businesses were sole proprietors with zero employees.  NEW... Read More

Malcolm Gladwell: Success is result of community cultivation

Malcolm Gladwell, two-time number one national bestselling author of The Tipping Point and Blink, discusses his book Outliers and more at a Penn alumni event at the Hudson Union Society. Malcolm makes the case that Americans celebrate top tier talent and achievement as a result of individual effort, when, in fact, some kids are afforded privileges that provide advantaged opportunities while others struggle against near-insurmountable odds. Malcolm... Read More

Can collaboration cause catalytic economic change?

What are the possibilities of collaboration?   What problems can be successfully addressed?   What economic challenges can be overcome?   What would happen if economically disconnected peoples in America collaborated (individuals, education institutions and businesses) to develop entrepreneurial infrastructures that served as a foundation upon which new ideas were cultivated and grown into success stories?   Would you support... Read More

Minority Biomedical Entrepreneurship Conference a Big Success for America21, BioEnterprise!

The first Minority Biomedical Entrepreneurship Conference (MBEC) exceeded all expectations. The culmination of collaborative efforts between The America21 Project and BioEnterprise turned out to be a remarkable two days of sharing information, engaging in important discussions and establishing key network connections that may prove to be a historic catalyst in furthering inclusive opportunities for minority entrepreneurs in the biomedical space. MBEC... Read More

America21 brings ‘Inclusive Competitiveness’ to Detroit

Johnathan Holifield, Chief Strategist, Evangelist and Co-founder of The America21 Project spoke to a gathering of leaders at Global Detroit on May 10, underscoring the importance of “Inclusive Competitiveness” as a core policy through which regional competitiveness will be achieved in the 21st century global innovation economy.   Holifield is a highly sought-after Cleveland-based attorney, consultant, speaker and former NFL player... Read More

Best States for Entrepreneurs and Fastest Growing Industries

If you’re not an entrepreneur, you may not know how fast the pace of innovation is racing along in this century. But you have some idea, given the fact that we didn’t have Facebook, Twitter, Smartphones and a million Apps 10 years ago.   If you tried to guess which industries are growing the fastest, would you pick the Internet and broadcasting No. 1? Probably. Check out the top 10 fastest growing industries and the best states for... Read More

Rutgers’ dt ogilvie set to lead RIT School of Business

Rutgers Business School Professor dt ogilvie (lowercase intended) will soon head the Rochester Institute of Techology’s (RIT) business school. Dr. ogilvie will assume her responsibilities as dean of the E. Philip Saunders College of Business at RIT in August. As a professor at the Rutgers Business School of Newark and New Brunswick, ogilvie served as the founding director of the school’s Center for Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development... Read More

America21 to deliver message of ‘Inclusive Competitiveness’ Strategies to Global Detroit, TechTown

Global Detroit, TechTown and Detroit Innovation Economy Leaders set to hear the Law and Economic Strategy of Inclusive Competitiveness May 8, 2012 For Immediate Release: CLEVELAND — On May 10, Global Detroit will host an important presentation and discussion in Detroit.  In partnership with TechTown, the event seeks to ignite new thought, advocacy, policy and investment to increase diversity and inclusion in Metro Detroit’s Innovation Economy. Inclusive... Read More

America21 makes big impact at White House

Johnathan Holifield, Esq., co-founder of The America21 Project, led a panel discussion at the White House HBCU Summit on Entrepreneurship on April 16, 2012.   Baltimore News caught up with Johnathan following his eye-opening presentation and moderation of the HBCU panel on entrepreneurship and “inclusive competitiveness” at the White House. Here’s Johnathan explaining why Black America has a lot of work to do in a 21st century... Read More

MLK Would Support Obama’s JOBS Act

MLK WOULD SUPPORT OBAMA’S JOBS ACT By Mike Green April 16, 2012 On April 4, 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated — just a few weeks before he was to travel to Washington D.C. with the intent of excoriating a stagnant nation over the issue of the American economy (see video). On April 5, 2012, the most powerful Black man in the world, President Barack Obama, signed into law the historic JOBS Act and opened an unprecedented economic... Read More

Why aren’t Black media talking about JOBS?

By Mike Green April 7, 2012 President Obama signed into law the JOBS Act (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) on April 5, 2012. The historic law slightly alters the economic game across America that has long been tilted in favor of the wealthy. The new law opens the field of investing in high-growth startups and allows access for millions of Americans who do not meet the previous standard of $1M net worth and a minimum of $200K in new income — a standard... Read More

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