Inclusive Competitiveness: A Bipartisan Economic Movement for 2016

Inclusive Competitiveness: A Bipartisan Economic Movement for 2016 By Mike Green July 3, 2014 When it comes to presidential election issues, Americans are fairly consistent. The economy is one of the top concerns of voters across the board. So, when 250 of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful policymakers gathered recently to discuss how to transform the current system of capitalism in America you might’ve expected the entire nation to holds... Read More

Mike Green gives keynote at Tabor 100 Gala in Seattle: Building An Inclusive Innovation Economy

Mike Green was invited by Ollie Garrett, the executive director of Tabor 100 in Seattle, to give the keynote address at its annual gala fundraiser.   The elite of Seattle’s political landscape attended the sold-out venue at the Washington State Convention Center on Sept. 15, 2012.   A standing ovation followed Mike’s 27-min speech.   See Mike’s presentation below, which accompanied his speech.   See Mike Green... Read More

America21 Co-hosts Closing the Wealth Gap, Sept. 19

America21 will co-host a forum on Closing the Wealth Gap on Sept. 19, 2012 in Washington D.C. at B’s Restaurant in Union Station from 4 pm to 8 pm.     See the slides below for more information. Limited seating. Get your tickets here while they last. Share this:  Read More

So, You Want To Be An Entrepreneur?

Here’s an excellent presentation on what entrepreneurs should expect by moving to Silicon Valley. This humor-filled look at entrepreneurial life in the Bay Area applies to entrepreneurs across the nation.   Intro to the SF Startup Community from GA_SF   by davidfostergraphics.Browse more infographics.   Share this:  Read More

America21’s Mike Green featured in Oregon Business Mag

In the past decade, much of the new wealth creation and job growth in the United States has occurred in the startup technology sectors. “But those types of innovations and market disruptions are not happening across black America,” says Green, who is also a part-time blogger. The reasons “are systemic, historical and institutional, and someone has to address it.” Programs that try to alleviate the economic inequities plaguing African-American... Read More

Former NFL Player Sees Competitive Role for Black Press

INCLUDED BELOW ARTICLE: July 5, 2012 Ideastream interview with Johnathan Holifield on the “new economy” and the lack of significant minority participation. Interview based on PolicyBridge’s new report on the economy in Northeast Ohio, “Fusion of Inclusion.” * * * Former NFL Player Sees Competitive Role for Black Press   Johnathan Holifield may no longer be taking hand-offs for the Cincinnati Bengals but this retired... Read More

Mike Green and Jamila Bey discuss Black Innovation

Jamila Bey hosts the radio program, “Spar with Jamila” during the Sex, Politics and Religion hour on the American Urban Radio Network (AURN) stations AM1430 in New York City and am1390 in Washington D.C.   Mike Green was a guest on Jamila’s program that aired on June 25, 2012 in NYC and DC 6-7pm eastern. (Mike’s segment was 17 mins 57 secs long and aired at 6:22pm eastern). Check out the recording below. Discussion topics: Jamila... Read More

Black Founders: Ideas are Worthless!

It’s an unspoken rule across the landscape of entrepreneurship and investing: Ideas are worthless. Ironically, it’s not the idea that wins investment and compels an angel or venture capital investor to write a five-, six- or seven-figure check. It’s the founders in whom the investors are making a bet. And it’s the capacity of the founders to execute an idea that draws attention, not simply the idea itself. Of course, the idea... Read More

Minority Biomedical Entrepreneurship Conference a Big Success for America21, BioEnterprise!

The first Minority Biomedical Entrepreneurship Conference (MBEC) exceeded all expectations. The culmination of collaborative efforts between The America21 Project and BioEnterprise turned out to be a remarkable two days of sharing information, engaging in important discussions and establishing key network connections that may prove to be a historic catalyst in furthering inclusive opportunities for minority entrepreneurs in the biomedical space. MBEC... Read More

What Black American Innovators need to produce jobs

What Black American Innovators Need to Produce Jobs By Mike Green April 29, 2012 Originally written for Dominion of New York. See full article here.   Black Americans are no strangers to entrepreneurship. But sheer numbers of entrepreneurs do not translate into fast-growing companies that create jobs. Case and point: The Census Bureau Statistics data show a 60 percent spike in Black entrepreneurship between 2002 and 2007, equivalent to 1.9 million... Read More

America21 makes big impact at White House

Johnathan Holifield, Esq., co-founder of The America21 Project, led a panel discussion at the White House HBCU Summit on Entrepreneurship on April 16, 2012.   Baltimore News caught up with Johnathan following his eye-opening presentation and moderation of the HBCU panel on entrepreneurship and “inclusive competitiveness” at the White House. Here’s Johnathan explaining why Black America has a lot of work to do in a 21st century... Read More

MLK Would Support Obama’s JOBS Act

MLK WOULD SUPPORT OBAMA’S JOBS ACT By Mike Green April 16, 2012 On April 4, 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated — just a few weeks before he was to travel to Washington D.C. with the intent of excoriating a stagnant nation over the issue of the American economy (see video). On April 5, 2012, the most powerful Black man in the world, President Barack Obama, signed into law the historic JOBS Act and opened an unprecedented economic... Read More

Why aren’t Black media talking about JOBS?

By Mike Green April 7, 2012 President Obama signed into law the JOBS Act (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) on April 5, 2012. The historic law slightly alters the economic game across America that has long been tilted in favor of the wealthy. The new law opens the field of investing in high-growth startups and allows access for millions of Americans who do not meet the previous standard of $1M net worth and a minimum of $200K in new income — a standard... Read More

A21 speaks at White House on Inclusive Competitiveness

  CLEVELAND, OH: On March 9, the White House will host a gathering of business leaders for a day of exchanging ideas on economic development, innovation and job creation. The America21 Project will address the issue of “inclusive competitiveness.” Inclusive Competitiveness Johnathan M. Holifield, Co-founder and Chief Evangelist for The America21 Project (America21) will join senior Obama Administration officials and fellow business... Read More

Congress approves of crowdfunding; do you?

On Nov. 3, 2011 Congress moved the economically disconnected sectors of society a bit closer to the American Entrepreneurial Dream of owning a business by expanding the landscape of angel investing, which is unfortunately still a foreign concept to the vast majority of Americans who are disconnected from knowledge of the job growth and wealth creation processes across the fruited plains. Paul Allen is a well known investor. He has written a very good... Read More

‘Gathering of Angels’ summit at Rutgers a success

                        There’s nothing like success to attract more success. The America21 Project produced three successful events in rapid succession preceding its unprecedented gathering of angels and entrepreneurs at Rutgers University in mid-November. Silicon Valley in California and Long Island, New York served as coast-to-coast bookends on Nov. 3 and 9 respectively — surrounding... Read More

Angel investors invited to urban innovation summit

  The America21 Project in partnership with The Center for Urban Entrepreneurship &
 Economic Development (CUEED) at Rutgers University presents … A Gathering of Angels   A National Summit on Building 21st Century Urban Innovation Ecosystems: Connecting Capital and High Growth Entrepreneurs November 15-16, 2011 Rutgers Business School – Newark Campus The Center for Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development (CUEED) REGISTER... Read More

The America21 Project: Investing in Urban Innovation

By Mike Green The Black Innovation and Competitiveness Initiative is changing it’s name (not vision and mission)  to become The America21 Project. We need your support. And we’re asking you to make some choices. Choose to pass on this blog post to others in your networks. Choose to support our mission with a financial contribution. Choose to support us by sponsoring our upcoming Black Angels and Entrepreneurs Forum with the Center for... Read More

U.S. Innovation and Competiveness Strategy: ‘All Hands On Deck’

Okay, I’ve never been shy about contributing my ideas on myriad social, educational and economic matters, through written public commentary, in appearances before legislative bodies, during one-on-one or community roundtable discussions or even in town hall-style settings. In fact, I have to say that throughout my life and career, I’ve been close to fearless when it comes to expressing my ideas on these topics. In the countless instances where... Read More

Investing in America’s Growing Assets: Minorities

How will America’s economic portfolio change in the next few decades as we race toward 2050 when racial minorities are expected to emerge as the majority of the U.S. population? Investing today to uplift America’s minority students and innovators seems prudent. Unfortunately, the excitement and energy of a nation that elected its first Black president a few years ago has dissipated. Did we expend all of our energy just to elect him to... Read More

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