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Top 10 Cheapest Colleges in Ohio Out Of State

Cheapest Colleges in Ohio Out Of State

A college education doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, especially if you choose one of the cheapest colleges in Ohio. These 10 schools offer incredible value and all-around excellence without forcing you to take out student loans that can barely be paid off after graduation. If you’re looking for the top cheap colleges in Ohio, these are your best bets!

1) University of Cincinnati

Located in Cincinnati, OH, University of Cincinnati is a highly ranked public university that enrolls more than 30,000 students each year. UoC features a high student-to-faculty ratio and an impressive 7:1 student to counselor ratio. The school offers over 200 degrees, minors and certificates through 12 colleges. Students can choose from majors like business administration (JBA), human development & family studies (HDFS) and biomedical sciences (BMS). Although it has earned recognition for its high quality education, UC remains one of cheapest colleges in ohio out of state since in-state students pay only $7,271 for tuition and fees per year. This school does not charge any fees for dormitories or meal plans either!

2) The University of Dayton

At a mere $18,000, The University of Dayton is one of the cheapest colleges in Ohio. The price tag includes tuition and housing. To get there, you’ll need a 2.6 GPA to apply and be in good academic standing at your high school. For those considering an out-of-state school in Ohio, UD offers one scholarship for every incoming student with a 3.2 GPA or higher; given that it’s one of their criteria for admission, you can assume they’re looking for bright students with excellent grades!

3) Baldwin Wallace University

Baldwin Wallace University is one of Ohio’s cheapest colleges in terms of tuition and room & board. To save even more money, BW offers a number of ways to reduce costs for students. Some options include working with campus organizations to get involved in research opportunities or internships. Students who are looking for cheap 4 year colleges in ohio should apply early to save on fees. The school also awards scholarships based on merit, leadership and financial need. Recent graduates from BW noted that their biggest advantage was gaining experience through volunteering and job opportunities through connections made at their university. In fact, 94% of alumni were employed within 6 months after graduation; for recent grads living in Cleveland, an even higher percentage (95%) was employed within 6 months post-graduation!

4) The College of Wooster

In all, 12 of our top 50 colleges are in Ohio, with public schools (like University of Akron and University of Cincinnati) being particularly affordable. The College of Wooster has an out-of-state tuition rate at about $35,000 for nonresidents to go along with a 9% acceptance rate. The College of Wooster is also in our top five for several other categories—including admissions rate, SAT scores and campus diversity. If you can get into Wooster, it might be one of your cheapest options in terms of out-of-state tuition costs.

5) Bowling Green State University Main Campus

At BGSU, tuition is only $7,220. This makes it one of the cheapest colleges in ohio out of state and a great choice for anyone on a budget. BGSU offers room and board (including meals) at an additional $5,560 per year—so with these added costs in mind, your total price will come to around $13,820 annually. That’s still significantly less than many other colleges in ohio out of state. The school offers a few merit-based scholarships that can help students cover some or all of their costs. There are also a number of local organizations that offer financial aid packages to further ease your financial burden and increase your chances of attending BGSU.

6) The Ohio State University at Newark

About 70 percent of students receive financial aid at Newark, which is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, according to OSU. The school’s average net price is $13,300, or about $902 per credit hour—making it one of cheapest colleges in ohio out of state. Most undergrads pay between $900 and $1,000 per credit hour after grants and scholarships are factored in. Many Newark students work part time to offset costs, which can be as low as $15 an hour for some campus jobs. On-campus living can range from more than $5,000 a year for a dorm room to less than $1,000 for an apartment with several roommates.

7) Cleveland State University

There are several ways to tell if an institution is affordable. One of those indicators is what their in-state tuition is, as that may be significantly lower than their out-of-state costs (if applicable). Another useful data point is what kinds of financial aid packages are available for in-state versus out-of state students; some colleges dole out more funding for residents, based on need or merit. If you’re looking at colleges in Ohio and want to know where your hard earned dollars will go further, you’ve come to the right place.

8) Kent State University at Geauga

Once upon a time, going to college in Ohio meant making a trip to Kent State University at Geauga. The budget-friendly in-state tuition combined with a growing number of degree programs and satellite campuses has turned it into one of our favorites. Our list of cheapest colleges in ohio out of state wouldn’t be complete without Kent State. This public university is located outside Cleveland and boasts an international student body, which means you have plenty of opportunity to practice your foreign language skills. It offers on-campus housing for just $4,000 per year — unbeatable!

9) Miami University – Middletown Campus

Located in Oxford, home of Miami University is a four-year state university, with over 20 undergraduate majors and many graduate degree programs. Miami is known for its affordable education, including its reasonable tuition (about $13,600 a year for in-state students) and low out-of-state cost of attendance ($28,938). With over 80% of students graduating within 4 years, it’s clear that not only is Middletown campus affordable – it’s also effective at teaching its students. This makes Miami one of our top ten cheapest colleges in Ohio out of state.

10) Xavier University – A.D. White House

Xavier University is a private Catholic university located in downtown Cincinnati, OH. Xavier has a strong focus on diversity and tolerance, making it an ideal choice for students who want to study outside of their comfort zone. The school houses two affiliated business schools: Xavier’s Riehl School of Business and College of Business Administration. With its location so close to Cincinnati’s business district, Xavier also offers easy access to internships for business students. In addition to having one of highest transfer rates in Ohio, Xavier is also ranked as one of nation’s best universities in terms of value by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine.