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In Texas, a Family Has Found a Small Creature With Six Arms in Their Front Yard and Has Labeled It an “Alien.” – Video


A Small Object With Six Arms Was Discovered by a Texas Family, Who Referred to It as an “Alien.” a Video of the Object Was Also Captured.

A family in Texas has claimed to have discovered a peculiar creature in their front yard, which they have called an “alien.” The creature was reportedly found in the bushes and appeared to have a caterpillar-like body with six arms. Initially, the family assumed it was the legendary Mothman, which is known for its red eyes and has mostly been sighted in Chicago. However, upon closer examination, they changed their minds.

What is your opinion on what this could be?

While we cannot definitively say that the Mothman creature does not exist, the creature found by this family appears to be nothing more than a plastic toy. Nonetheless, the video of the supposed alien creature has gone viral, and we wanted to clarify our opinion on it. We encourage you to watch the video and decide for yourself.

A Video of the Discovery Has Been Released