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The 10 Cheapest Online Colleges in Louisiana

cheapest online colleges in Louisiana

A college education doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. This list of the 10 cheapest online colleges in Louisiana will show you some of the best options for both students who want an online-only program and those who want the flexibility of both online and on-campus classes to choose from. Many of these schools offer degrees as well as certificates, and you can even earn an associate’s degree from most programs. Get more info on these cheap online colleges in Louisiana so you can get started on your education without breaking the bank!

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Cheapest Online Colleges in Louisiana

1) University of Phoenix

In-state tuition and fees at a public four-year institution in Louisiana is $8,650, while out-of-state students pay $19,650. But many of these programs make it easier for students to find financial aid through scholarships or financial aid offices. So you can find cheaper online colleges in louisiana if your goal is to save money on tuition rather than time or convenience. The University of Phoenix offers online bachelor’s degree programs that cost about two thirds less than a traditional four-year college in Louisiana. Or you could enroll in one of Louisiana’s community colleges—it costs only $2,296 per year for an in-state student at these institutions—and transfer to a larger university later if you want to complete your bachelor’s degree on campus.

2) Walden University

Walden University ranks as one of cheapest online colleges in louisiana out of state best universities in terms of bang for your buck. This school offers a wide range of degree programs at an affordable price. At $139 per credit hour, Walden isn’t just cheaper than comparable private colleges and universities but also among some of the most affordable online bachelor’s degrees available. Programs are offered at both a graduate and undergraduate level, with several potential degree specializations to choose from. Education programs account for about half of all degrees offered by Walden, but there are options across numerous other fields as well: Business administration, communication technology, fine arts, health care management and public administration are all represented by at least one program at Walden University.

3) Mississippi College

Mississippi College has been around since 1826, and they’re known for their business program. Costing just $2,020 in tuition per year, Mississippi College is one of our top choices in terms of cheap online colleges in louisiana. Located on a beautiful 200-acre campus that’s situated in Clinton, MS, students who choose to attend will enjoy smaller class sizes and less-intimidating professors than can be found at larger universities. The school also boasts a high four-year graduation rate of 64%, making it a very affordable choice for prospective students looking to complete their education from home.

4) Louisiana State University

LSU is also home to a diverse campus community that celebrates some of its biggest festivals and events each year. For students looking for an affordable online education, LSU ranks as one of cheapest online colleges in louisiana for out-of-state students, requiring only $27,326 in tuition per year (in-state students pay just $13,635). As one of cheapest online colleges in louisiana most active campuses in all of Louisiana and even beyond, there are plenty of things going on at LSU throughout any given year. Whether you’re celebrating Mardi Gras or attending football games during the fall months with 100K+ screaming fans, you’ll have no trouble making new friends among LSU’s rich cultural mix of residents.

5) Cox College

Cox College is one of The 10 Cheapest Online Colleges in Louisiana. The school offers online degrees in a variety of areas, including business, criminal justice, biology and more. Students can take online courses at their own pace and choose from several start dates each semester. Cox offers both associate’s and bachelor’s degrees. Students who live out of state may be eligible for in-state tuition rates. Financial aid is available to those who qualify and loans are offered as part of their payment plan options, which include deferred payments over three years if necessary. Many students receive financial aid in some form through grants or scholarships and it is offered based on academic performance, extracurricular activities, talents or awards.

6) Baker College

Baker College boasts some of cheapest online colleges in louisiana, making it a very affordable option for many students in Louisiana. There are several different campuses throughout both of cheap colleges in louisiana out of state and cheap colleges in louisiana out of state, which means you’ll have cheap colleges in louisiana out of state options. Tuition costs at Baker are determined by location, program and level. For example, regular tuition for an online associate’s degree is $196 per credit hour or $3,972 per year. You can complete your bachelor’s degree program online without ever setting foot on campus; regular tuition costs $195 per credit hour or $3,870 per year.

7) DeVry University

DeVry University is not only one of the cheapest online colleges in Louisiana, but also one of top-rated. The university was founded in 1931 and has been providing students with an affordable education for almost 80 years. The school offers bachelor’s degrees as well as master’s degrees in a variety of subjects from business to engineering. With over 30,000 alumni, DeVry is also a great option for networking if you plan on starting your own business or would like to take over someone else’s business one day.

8) Harding University

There are few schools with more historic depth than Harding University. The private Christian school was established in 1906 and has been a constant on campus ever since. Located in Searcy, Arkansas, Harding is a cheap online college option with out-of-state tuition fees as low as $15,000 per year—which makes it one of cheapest online colleges in louisiana. The institution offers 36 different undergraduate degree programs to choose from and typically boasts an acceptance rate around 75 percent. The university’s strong sense of community doesn’t stop at its living students either; Harding has a thriving alumnus population that serves to strengthen existing alumni ties and to develop new ones.

9) Belhaven University

Belhaven University is one of cheapest online colleges in louisiana. It’s a private university located in Jackson, MS. The school also has two campuses in New Orleans, LA. It was founded as Belhaven College in 1883 and received its current name in 2000. The school offers 20 different degrees, including a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Cost: $20,304 per year for out-of-state tuition and fees; $10,979 for state residents for 2013-2014 academic year.

10) Lorman Education Services

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