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Top 10 Most Cheapest Online Colleges in Florida

Cheapest Online College in Florida

There are thousands of online colleges to choose from in Florida, and picking the best one can be a little confusing. So how do you pick the right one? The answer to that question depends on what you’re looking for in an online college, including your major and whether you’d like to transfer credits to another institution at some point in the future. However, here are ten of the cheapest online colleges in Florida so you can get started making that decision on your own.

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The Top 10 Most Cheapest Online Colleges In Florida

For those students who are looking for cheap college in florida, come and find out about these top ten most cheapest online colleges in florida below! Cheap Colleges In Florida is on everyone’s mind especially for low-income families. With cost rising as quickly as it is today, more and more people are being forced to consider all of their college options. While it may be a good idea to explore all of your options, here is a list of some cheap online colleges in florida that you might want to check out. University of Central Florida (UCF) UCF has become one of the cheapest online colleges in florida because they have made an effort to provide their students with affordable programs and services. This includes things like student housing which allows students to live at home while attending school and taking advantage of opportunities such as internships or co-ops without having to pay high living expenses at an off campus apartment or dormitory.

The University of Central Florida – $465/credit hour

UCF has been ranked as one of America’s best online schools by Best Colleges Online, but we’ll cut to you straight — it also makes a top ten list for cheapest online college in florida. The school is part of UCF Global, which not only offers cheap in-state tuition (as compared to state universities) but waives application fees and books with its Tuition Promise program. Plus, students have access to over 100 degree programs offered through UCF and eleven other top U.S. universities through collaboration efforts that provide a variety of degrees at a fraction of their on-campus price.

Full Sail University – $475/credit hour

Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL is one of cheapest online college in florida. Full Sail offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programs in fields like animation, game design, web development and more at low rates per credit hour. One of top ten cheapest online college in florida . It costs only $475/credit hour (tuition only) for an associate’s degree and $775/credit hour for bachelor’s degrees. The university has about 3,000 students enrolled currently. Full Sail also offers degree completion program for adult learners who have earned their associate’s degrees elsewhere or through military service that allows them to earn their bachelor’s degrees without having to start from scratch with freshman-level courses. Full Sail University was founded in 1979 by entrepreneur Alan Patricof as a training facility for high-tech companies seeking computer animators.

Daytona State College – $348/credit hour

Daytona State College, in Daytona Beach, FL, is one of three public institutions on our list to offer degrees online. The institution has a diverse population that shows in its online program: more than half of its students identify as white, while 22% are Hispanic and 8% are black. The college offers access to professors with advanced degrees and graduate certificates that keep tuition low. Students can also take advantage of early-start dates for courses; these courses run from August through May and allow for full-time study during summer months if desired.

Santa Fe College – $303/credit hour

Santa Fe College is a two-year college in Gainesville, FL. Many of its online classes are only $303 per credit hour. This makes Santa Fe one of your cheapest online college options in Florida. According to U.S. News & World Report’s rankings for public schools, Santa Fe was placed at No. 76 out of 740 in its list of best public regional universities in 2018. The magazine also ranked Santa Fe as No. 4 out of 638 community colleges nationwide for providing top value to students who qualify for federal Pell Grants and other need-based aid, based on a first-year net price that is less than $3,000 after grant aid is factored in.

Broward College – $286/credit hour

There are over twenty campuses throughout South Florida. For international students, Broward College offers courses in English and some online classes are offered in Spanish. Campuses include Aventura, Davie, Hollywood, Lauderhill, Miramar and Pembroke Pines. The tuition rate for Broward College is listed as $286 per credit hour. Students who want to live near campus can choose from a variety of nearby hotels that provide shuttle service to campus. Additional information on housing options can be found by visiting Housing Solutions . Foreign students will be required to provide an I-20 form from their international school once accepted into Broward College’s program. The I-20 must be signed by a designated official from either their college or university in order for it to be valid.

Valencia College – $281/credit hour

As one of Florida’s largest community colleges, Valencia College offers programs in liberal arts and sciences, business, education, health professions and technology. Focused on keeping their students’ college costs low, Valencia College offers an array of degrees at an affordable price point. Students can earn a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree for about $18,000 total or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree for about $25,000 total. Earning a bachelor’s degree online can be done at a lower cost than if you were to attend a brick-and-mortar university as many online schools offer tuition discounts to take classes online instead of attending in person.

Manatee Community College – $275/credit hour

The cheapest online college in Florida, Manatee Community College charges $275 per credit hour. Accredited by both ACICS and ABHE, MCC offers a variety of degree programs including bachelors and associate degrees in business, science and technology as well as professional certifications such as CPA Preparation Certificate, Phlebotomy Technician Training and Paralegal Studies. The goal at MCC is to prepare students for their future careers by providing them with hands-on experience through internships and job placement assistance. Based in Bradenton, Florida, MCC is home to 13 campus buildings offering classrooms, computer labs and specialized equipment like a nuclear medicine lab. Students can also receive academic advising from counselors via phone or email 24/7.

Hillsborough Community College – $270/credit hour

Florida has some of the best online colleges in America, and one of them is Hillsborough Community College. With online degrees, students can still benefit from campus-like experience: HCC’s Education Department offers a fully online program with interactive learning opportunities (such as discussion boards) and services to support student success. The school was founded in 1965 and has been educating students ever since. It also has a career center that helps graduates find employment after graduation. This is your college if you want an affordable education that’s close to home. Your tuition will cost just $270 per credit hour; compare that to other colleges in Florida that cost more than $500 per credit hour! And there are plenty of scholarships you could get.

St. Petersburg College – $269/credit hour

St. Petersburg college in Florida is one of cheapest online college in florida with online programs accredited by North Central Association of Colleges and Schools as well as one of top ranked community colleges in America. St. Petersburg college offers a number of programs including associate degree, certificate and many more to get your education in less cost and affordable price at under $270/credit hour (some courses are even offered for less than $200 per credit hour). They have a dynamic approach to learning where students can take part in face-to-face sessions at classroom or virtual classrooms through different modes like web, audio or video conferencing system. They have a 100% transfer rate to universities like University of South Florida, The University of Tampa etc.

Seminole State College of Florida – $266/credit hour

If you’re looking for one of cheapest online college in florida, look no further than Seminole State College of Florida. It costs $266 per credit hour, making it a great option for busy students who have families or jobs and can only take classes part-time. Seminole State’s program offerings are extensive: You can get an associate degree in psychology, as well as bachelor’s degrees in nursing, business administration and public safety management. Peruse their catalog to see if any classes match your interests.