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The 5 Cheapest Universities in Alabama

Cheapest Universities in Alabama

The state of Alabama has many universities that serve its nearly 4 million residents. But not all of these schools are created equal – some cost more than others to attend, which means the school’s tuition and fees can vary considerably depending on the school you choose to attend. To help you narrow down your options, we’ve compiled this list of the five cheapest universities in Alabama. These schools will help you get the college degree you want without breaking the bank!

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Cheapest Universities in Alabama

According to CNN Money, state universities are typically less expensive than private institutions. Although tuition prices at public schools increased by an average of 15 percent from 2008 to 2012, students will be able to find bargains on select campuses. To help you narrow down your options for cheap colleges in Alabama, we’ve rounded up a list of five of them below. Find your alma mater!

1) University of North Alabama

The main campus of University of North Alabama is located in Florence, AL. The university offers 90 degree programs to its students. UNA students have a 19:1 student-faculty ratio, and most degrees require 120 credit hours for completion. UNA’s tuition and fees are $2,760 per year for residents of Alabama and $7,431 for nonresidents. The estimated cost of books and supplies is an additional $1,100 per year.

2) Troy University

Troy University is one of cheapest universities in alabama. In addition to its relatively low tuition, Troy offers students a great deal of financial aid support through grants and scholarships. A total of 85% of incoming freshmen receive an average amount of $8,750 per year, which is much higher than many other schools. The cost of books and supplies at Troy University are above average as well, which means that students need to stay on top of their budget if they want to keep college affordable. Overall, though, Troy is a good value for in-state students who want a quality education without paying more than they have to.

3) Tuskegee University

Tuskegee University is not only one of cheap universities in alabama, but one of its most historically significant. Tuskegee was founded by Booker T. Washington and George W. Carver (you know him from The Peanuts cartoons, right?) to train black farmers, who were being systematically driven off their land during Reconstruction. It’s been ranked among the best undergraduate schools for minority students ever since it opened, and though it isn’t located near any professional sports teams or large cities, that hasn’t stopped it from producing a number of notable graduates over its 128-year history. If you have an interest in African American Studies or chemical engineering—or really anything at all—Tuskegee has a program for you. Apply today!

4) Auburn University at Montgomery

Auburn University at Montgomery is a unique institution, and is quite possibly one of the cheapest universities in Alabama. It was founded as an extension campus for Auburn University, which means that it shares resources with its parent institution. Although AUM does not have many of its own programs (it only offers 26 majors compared to Auburn’s 200+), what it lacks in variety it makes up for in affordability. The cost of attendance at AUM averages $7,200 per year, which is less than half what a full-time student would pay to attend Auburn proper.

5. Athens State University

Athens State University, ranked as one of the five cheapest universities in Alabama by US News and World Report, offers students financial aid packages to make education affordable. Part-time students can also take advantage of flexible class schedules, evening classes and online programs. With a variety of associate’s degree programs (in fields such as liberal arts and criminal justice), bachelor’s degrees (in subjects such as business administration) and master’s degrees (including criminal justice), Athens State offers low-cost options for students at all levels. As a result, US News ranks Athens State among its Best Bang for Your Buck Colleges for 2014.