5 Best Online Colleges in Connecticut

Best Online Colleges in Connecticut

Best Online Colleges in Connecticut Ranking 1. Southern Connecticut State University Location Hamden, CT 2 . Eastern Connecticut State University Location Willimantic, CT 3 . Central Connecticut State University Location New Britain, CT 4 . Western Connecticut State University Location Danbury, CT 5 . Fairfield University Location Fairfield, CT 6 . Post University Location Waterbury, CT

10 Universities in Colorado with the Lowest Tuition | Cheapest Tuition in Colorado

Cheapest Tuition in Colorado

Colorado has some of the most affordable universities in the United States, with many schools charging around $15,000 per year in tuition fees – much lower than many other parts of the country. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that every university in Colorado is cheap and cheapest tuition in colorado as well; you’ll still want to...

Top 10 Cheapest Colleges in California for Non-Residents

Cheap Colleges in California

For anyone not already living in California, the idea of paying for higher education in the state can seem like an incredibly daunting prospect. After all, the cost of tuition tends to be higher than anywhere else in the country (and sometimes the world). But it doesn’t have to be that way! These 10 cheap colleges in...

Arizona State University Online Classes – What You Need to Know

arizona state university online classes

Arizona state university online classes are a great way to advance your education in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. These classes help you stay on track with your current degree, or even open up the door to new opportunities if you decide to change direction with your career path later on...

8 Best Colleges in Ketchikan, Alaska | University of Alaska Fairbanks Online Degrees

university of alaska fairbanks online degrees

There are plenty of places to live in Alaska, but Ketchikan may just be the most beautiful one. Sitting on Revillagigedo Island and surrounded by mountains, fjords, and forests, Ketchikan is the perfect place to go to school or work if you want both city life and nature at your fingertips. Whether you want to earn your...

The 5 Cheapest Universities in Alabama

Cheapest Universities in Alabama

The state of Alabama has many universities that serve its nearly 4 million residents. But not all of these schools are created equal – some cost more than others to attend, which means the school’s tuition and fees can vary considerably depending on the school you choose to attend. To help you narrow down your options, we’ve...

10 of the Cheapest Universities in Chicago for International Students

Cheapest Universities in Chicago

If you’re an international student looking to attend school in the U.S., you might be interested in attending one of the schools on this list of the 10 cheapest universities in Chicago for international students, based on tuition and room and board costs over four years. Although it’s sometimes possible to work your...